Friday, October 3, 2008


The Reach 8 Administrative Hearing finally came to a close on Thursday October 2 after a three week trial. The challengers of this case, Surfrider, Snook Foundation, 3 individuals, City of the Lake Worth and Eastern Surfing Association are extremely pleased with their case in chief. Collins & West (Surfrider's attorneys) were very successful in highlighting the sloppiness of the Town's consultant (CPE) and the number of inconsistencies in the DEP's Beach Management Program.

The process took about 1 year, from the start of the debate the close of the hearing. The case attorneys now have 30 days to submit their Recommended ORders to the Judge. Following their submittal the Judge will likely provide his decision no later than December 3. Latest Article.

The Palm Beach County Chapter Executive Committee would really like to thank all its experts for their time and dedication to our cause. In addition, they want to thank their donors and all the members who have dedicated their time and efforts to see this effort be elevated to this level.

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