Monday, September 8, 2008

Surfrider Geologist Continues to Point Major Flaw in “Compatibility” of Beach Program

The ongoing discussion on what is “native” or compatible” sand for the Palm Beach County area came to a head when the Chapter’s expert, Dr. Hal Wanless, Chair of Geological Sciences at University of Miami, clearly identified the rules that require DEP and consultants to match sand to what exists on a beach prior to any cumulative impacts from previous projects in the area. Dr Wanless further pointed out that the offshore borrow area sand data could in no way support or match the "functionality" of the current native sand within the Reach 8 area.

“Sand grains can look similar in terms of size and color. However, which do you think would stay longer on a beach in a storm environment, a ping-pong ball or a golf ball? This is the reason why DEP cant just base compatibility decisions on size if you hope for any material to stay on a beach,” said Dr. Wanless.

Native Beach Sand

Fine Proposed Material

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dlmtt2008 said...

I believe Surfrider is conducting a viable and nessary campaign to block the use of an inferior material to renourish the beach.I have been unable to find any information about an alternative material that would benifit the beach and the ocean enviroment. My question is if the beach is not replenished what effect will that have on the ocean enviroment. According to the photos of the area the lack of beach will greatly affect the turtle nesting as one consequence. Can Surfrider please respond with an alternative plan.